MPB Surveys and Control Work

Spectrum provides Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) survey and control services to government, licensees, municipalities, cities and towns across Western Canada.

Spectrum's Forest Health and Management service includes conventional and concentric ground surveys to identify, map and prescribe the most effective way to treat MPB infected areas. A broad set of distinctive equipment enables Spectrum to complete various project sizes and types, including the control of MPB by destroying beetles before they spread. This is primarily achieved through a combination of chipping, peeling or burning of the trees.

Spectrum's professional workforce combines over 20 years of conifer beetle experience. Using purpose-built equipment Spectrum has developed some unique methods of destroying beetles, which has been the basis of the high quality results that they have been able to deliver Spectrum has the ability to tailor their efforts to account for site restrictions, access difficulties, and environmental sensitivities at a production level that keeps costs competitive while most importantly, ensuring worker safety.

Primary Contact: Ken White

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Client Feedback

Spectrum crews achieved very high production, adapted to changes in the field quickly and effectively and finished all work successfully before the contract end date. Spectrum is very easy to deal with, professional and ensures that proper communication is always taking place. I would highly recommend rehiring Spectrum for future ASRD contracts.”

Brock Sheen

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