Operations Team

Dean Marshall, RPF, PMP
VP Operations

Crawford Young, RPF
Senior Operations Manager

Ken White, RPF
Alberta Operations Manager

Hugo McLeod, RPF, PMP
Peace Region Operations Manager

Mike Kozak, RPF, P.Ag
Project Manager, Timber Development & ROW Maintenance

Kyle Robillard
Project Manager, Alberta Operations

Corwin Bowers, TFT
Project Manager, Peace Region

Sarah Bowers, RPF
Project Manager, Technical Silviculture

Eric Nijboer, BIT
Project Manager, Industrial/Invasive and Alien Plant Program

Mike Kozak, RPF, P.Ag


Mike joined Spectrum in 2010; Mike's recent focus has been on Industrial Vegetation Management (inventory, treatment and Pest Management Plan development) as well as involvement in mountain pine beetle management, silviculture surveying and fire mitigation projects.

During Mike's career he has concentrated on full, multiphase development including silviculture, timber, engineering and inventory. Mike has worked throughout the province of BC for a variety of clients, gaining a well-rounded view of forestry and industrial operations in BC's interior and coastal regions. Mike's background includes working for local mills, small operators, First Nation bands, logging contractors and government.

Mike obtained a BSc in Forestry focusing on Integrated Resource Management in 1994 and is a Registered Professional Forester (RPF), Articling Agrologist (AAg) and an Oil and Gas Certified Faller. He also holds numerous other industry related certifications. Mike is a member of Spectrum's Joint Health and Safety Committee and is committed to providing a safe work environment for Spectrum's employees.

Mike's family is very active in local sports such as soccer and lacrosse, but also enjoys getting into the outdoors as much as possible throughout the province of BC.

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